Dr. Prem Gupta


Over the years, Dr. Prem Gupta has touched more than 18000 lives. Thousands of families and business have benefitted by his 360-degree consultancy and practical solutions. Industrialists, celebrities, sportsperson and common people alike, his clientele are spread in India and overseas.

Since we adhere to a strict non-disclosure policy, we share some of our client’s experiences without divulging into specifics.

A Successful Individual from Mumbai

I am a 35 year old businessman. In the very beginning of my career, I changed four to five jobs. Although the first two jobs were merely to learn and gain experience, I had actually put in my best efforts for the next two. However, I could not stay there for too long. Not having a fixed job was a major concern for me.

That was when my friend Vinod told me about the well-known Dr. Prem Gupta, who was not only an acknowledged palmist but also a recognized consultant.

I did not believe in astrology and was somewhat reluctant. However, since Vinod is a close friend, I could not refute. I visited Dr. Prem Gupta and the first meeting itself was a joyous experience. I was taken aback when he read my palm and informed me that I would never be able to sustain a job. He drew up my kundali and concluded that I was destined to own a business!

So, I followed Dr. Prem Gupta’s suggestion and I started my own business. Today, I am successful and have never looked back since 7 years. It was a life changing decision and I feel very fortunate to have visited him.”

A Successful Businessman from Jalandhar

I had a huge debt to be repaid. I had invested in property and was hoping to rent them out and pay the money I had borrowed. I was very worried and approached Dr. Prem Gupta.

During his consultation, he suggested that I should chant the Hanuman Chalisa, as it is beneficial for everyone. I told him that I did it regularly. However, I realized that I did not know how many times should it be recited? When should it be recited? And how should it be recited? Dr. Prem Gupta enlightened me.

I used to recite the Hanuman Chalisa 5 times every morning and once at night before going to sleep. Dr. Prem Gupta advised that I should recite it 9 times in the mornings and 3 times before bedtime. Just 3 months after making this simple change, my situation changed drastically. I successfully got rid of almost half my debts and could arrange for the repayment of the remaining amount.

The way things changed for me is an interesting tale. I own three warehouses in Jalandhar, which were up for rent but there were no prospects. I was debt ridden. Dr. Prem Gupta analyzed the blueprints of my warehouses and recommended the following:

  • 7 pipal leaves, one piece 3 façade and one piece 14 facade Rudrakshas to be placed in the north-eastern corners of two of the warehouses
  • A Navratna (nine-gem) locket was placed in the third warehouse.

To my astonishment, right after performing the suggested tasks, I was contacted by tenants for all the three warehouses. Soon I received 25 lakh rupees as deposit and rupees four lakh was agreed upon as rent. I was able to repay the 90-lakh rupees debt in just 18 months! I used the deposit money for my automobile business – even which is also flourishing!

It is hard for most people to believe that even without looking at my palm or my birth chart, he helped me out. Dr. Prem Gupta solved all my problems by just observing my facial features. I feel truly blessed!

He also told me that whenever reciting the holy Hanuman Chalisa, make sure that the time is always in the first quarter of the hour, for example 2.15, 5.15 and not in the third or fourth ones i.e. 3.45, 4.45 or 5.00, 9.00….. Fascinating, isn’t it?”

A Happy Father

Even the best comforts in life can be worthless without marital bliss. The inability to get married at the right age and with the right individual is often very disturbing. I went to Dr. Prem Gupta with a similar problem in my life. I came across his name through newspapers and television. My father’s close friend, Colonel Chaturvedi had also benefitted from him.

I intimated Dr. Prem Gupta with my problem. It was difficult to find marriage proposal for the sons and daughters of our family. My four brothers were unable to find a match for their five daughters. I informed him that it was a persistent problem since five generations.

After patiently hearing me out, Dr. Prem Gupta suggested that it might be a curse cast by the ancestors. If a son and daughter of the same family were married on the same day, in the same venue, at the same time, it might have angered the ancestors. Moreover, if the wedding was not carried out after matching their kundlis, it could be a reason of their fury and the curse has been passed on to the entire lineage.

He expressed that, marriage is a very sacred and respected tradition and if anybody’s sentiments are hurt, it definitely leads to dire consequences. His Jeevan Utsav service led to resolving my problems. Just by following those for a year and a half, three of our daughters were married and one was engaged. His services might seem expensive and time consuming but just imagine the happiness that I felt when four daughters of our family were happily married. Thinking about it now, I realize that the suggested solutions were necessary according to traditions, but neglecting them because of our ignorance caused us many worries. Now, Dr. Prem Gupta’s “Jeevan Utsav” (celebration of life) has become a celebration of our lives.

A Successful Businessman

Until I met the famous consultant Dr. Prem Gupta who also has immense knowledge in the field of numerology, I had believed that a single lucky number is sufficient to bring good luck to you in all spheres of life.

I shared all my problems with him and informed that I felt that number 9 was very lucky for me. I informed him that I was so addicted to the digit that I even bought a flat no. 1800 on the 18th floor.

However, since the past 8 to 9 months I was facing a string of problems. I was unable to understand the reason behind these incidences in my life. I was on the brink of bursting into tears when Dr. Prem Gupta intervened and asked me if I had my mobile numbers or registration numbers of my cars totaling to number nine. Initially I did not understand the importance of these questions. In told him that all my five cell phone numbers and even the registration numbers of my cars were based on the number 9.

Dr. Prem Gupta explained that the number 9 was beneficial only for my fixed assets. He added that the number 3 was more suitable for current assets. I was astonished at this enlightenment of how a different number can affect different aspects of life.

As soon as I changed my cell phone numbers and the car registration numbers to add up to three, my success escalated and problems in my life started disappearing. I would seriously advise everyone to understand this mysterious science and improve their lives considerably. I thank God and Dr. Prem Gupta every single day of my life