Dr. Prem Gupta

How Can an Astrology Consultant in Mumbai Come in Handy?

16 October 2017 | Astrology

It is quite common in Indian culture to rely on horoscopes for predicting the tidings of the day. However, this is not just restricted to Indians. The popularity of Vedic astrology is increasing all around the world.

What are the Common Marriage Problems that can be Resolved through Astrology?

07 October 2017 | Astrology

Love is glorious and beautiful, but the moment it culminates into a marriage, problems starts to arise. While the first few months might seem to be blissful, however, with time, there will be problems that will create a lot of friction between the two.

Common Astrological Remedies for Disputes between Husband and Wife

28 September 2017 | Astrology

It is no surprise that marriages are failing abysmally everywhere across the world. However, in India, the divorce rates have doubled over the past few years. Did you know that in Mumbai alone, 11,667 cases of divorce were filed in2014, a significant rise from 5,245 cases in 2010 ?

Do You Know the Truth Behind Indian Astrology ?

05 September 2017 | Astrology

Try dividing the country into two groups - those who believe in astrology and those who don't. You know you will find most people swearing by it. Go ahead and ask a few of them why. The answer you'll get willhave a very common word to them - god.

Culminate Your Conscious Conflicts With Astrology Counseling and More 22 August 2017 | Astrology

Back in 2012, statistics revealed, 1 out of every 5 Indians requires counseling. The number has certainly increased today. As stress, anxiety, depression, etc. have become the major reasons; experts suggest few of the most effective methods to deal with it...